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Delicate Transportation, LLC    

Safe, Convenient, & Reliable



  • There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of twenty dollars ($25.00) per family. This fee also secures a spot on our waiting list. The registration fee and first month's payment are due at the time of registration to secure our services. Registrations with full payment are processed on a first-come, first serve basis.
  • Pre-payment is required before transportation service can begin. For the safety of our drivers and passengers, we do not accept cash.


  • Cancellations should be phoned into our office 24 hrs in advance.
  • Any cancellations or significant changes made within 2 hours of scheduled pickup time are subject to additional charges.
  • Please call our office to make changes or cancellation. DO NOT EMAIL A CANCELLATION NOTICE.
  • Changes to your original schedule are subject to seat availability and may result in an additional service charge.
  • Do not give changes or cancellations to drivers. Drivers are not permitted to accept changes or cancellations nor will they be held responsible for making changes to a passenger’s schedule or route.

Passenger Safety & Behavior

  • Seat Belts are to be worn at all times.
  • While the vehicle is moving, passengers must remain seated.
  • DO NOT board a moving vehicle.
  • During pick up, transport, and delivery; passengers must obey the driver. In some instances assigned seats may be noted.
  • Throwing objects inside and outside vehicle is prohibited.
  • Head, hands and arms must remain in the vehicle at all times until departure.
  • Destroying of company property or other persons property is strictly prohibited. Passengers/parents/guardians are liable for any damages they cause.
  • Passengers and parents must be respectful and courteous to others. Inappropriate behavior including bad language is prohibited.
  • No horseplay or bullying will be tolerated.
  • No gum, eating, or drinking in the vehicle.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • We reserves the right to terminate or suspend service for passengers who do not adhere to our safety and behavior policy without refunding monies for services paid for.

Inclement Weather

  • We will not operate during inclement weather and will follow the Wake County Public School System decisions for closings and delays.
  • Days not used due to Wake County Public School System's inclement weather can be rolled over and used within the next calendar month. If days are not scheduled and used within the next calendar month days will be lost without a refund.

Lost & Found

  • We will make every effort to return lost items to the owner, but we are not liable for any missing or damaged items left in our vehicles.
  • Wait Policy
  • Driver will wait up to two minutes of the scheduled arrival time, after that late fee will start at $1 per minute up to eight minutes. After the ten minute wait driver will leave without a refund to customer.